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ALBERTA, CALGARY (November 30, 2020) – (Hydrogen Energy Fund) (TSXV: SGE) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce, in partnership with some of North America’s major energy and transportation companies, its formation of a strategic investment partnership to invest in, finance and help lead the development of hydrogen as an alternative energy fuel source.  We seek to partner with leading-edge researchers, government agencies and forward-looking energy entities to advance the technology, attract end-market users and position hydrogen, the universe’s most abundant natural resource, as a paradigm-changing fuel source.  This is our generation’s clarion call.

“We are at the cutting edge of a new fuel source substitute – harnessing the infinite power of hydrogen. Environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral, hydrogen offers the promise of sustainable, greenhouse emissions-free fuel”, stated the Honorable Stockwell Day, Founder and Chairman of Hydrogen Energy Fund.  “Challenges remain – advances will be measured in decades – our goal is to assist; we owe it to our grandchildren.”  

Initially the venture has committed capital of $10 million per project with open commitments to fund larger projects.

Being based in Calgary, Alberta provides an attractive investment platform: abundant fuel supplies, leading-edge researchers and a supportive forward-looking government.  We look forward to advancing the commercialization of hydrogen.