Acquisition of Securities of Strategem Capital Corporation

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Kenneth W. Morgan and the Pryce Family Trust No. 1
Suite 236, 2906 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6K 2G8

News Release

January 21, 2003

In accordance with the requirements of Section 111 of the Securities Act (British Columbia), and Section 176 of the Securities Act (Alberta), Kenneth W. Morgan (“Morgan”) and the Pryce Family Trust No. 1 (“The Pryce Trust”) announce that on January 15, 2003, the Pryce Trust acquired direct ownership of 280,000 common shares and the same number of common share purchase warrants of Strategem Capital Corporation (the “Company”). Together, Morgan and The Pryce Trust own a total of 454,700 common shares of the Company. This represents 11.86% of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Company as at January 15, 2003 (based upon 3,834,380 common shares being issued and outstanding). The shares were acquired by way of a private placement for investment purposes. Mr. Morgan and the Pryce Trust have no present intention of acquiring more shares of the Company, aside from possible exercise of warrants and stock options.

The Company is a reporting company whose shares are posted and listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the trading symbol “SGE”.

“Kenneth W. Morgan”

“Kenneth W. Morgan”